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Technical Staff

Fire Specialist

Geom. Sara Mosca

Evacuation Engineer

Ing. Mattia Aguiari

Technical Designer

Geom. Sara Mosca


Structural Engineer

Ing. Mattia Aguiari

Plant Engineer

Fluid Dynamic Modeler

Ing. Diego Cecchinato
Ing. Mattia Aguiari

Eng. Diego Cecchinato

Senior Fire Engineer. CFD Fire Scenario simulation, Fire Passive protection.

A firefighter since the age of 21, he is passionate about security issues and emergency management.

During these years (for a total of more than 1000 actual day) he accumulated experiences in a number of areas of emergency technical assistance.
After Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering, he decided to specialize in fire engineering and attended the another specialization: master of science in fire engineering: SAFEng, Held at the University of Ferrara (Italy).

He work and give advice the most important companies of engineering in the field of fire engineering throughout Italy and Europe concerning Oil&Gas, Industrial and civil sector.

Furthermore, he work in R&D of the product and in national and international fire test certification.

Eng. Fabio Mio

Fire Expert.

Engineer since 1997, he carried out a research doctorate at the University of Naples "Federico II" in "TECHNOLOGIES FOR BUILDING RECOVERY AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION" and was assistant at the University of Trieste for the courses of "Recovery of buildings” and “Integral design”.

In 2005 he attended a specialization course in fire prevention, obtaining the qualification pursuant to law 818/84.

With reference to the fire-fighting activity, he has worked in various sectors, focusing his experience in the industrial, hospitality and health sectors, with significant experience in the waste management and energy sectors..

However, he maintained his engineering activity also in other areas (structures, safety, etc.) as he was convinced that the correct approach for solving the various problems is to maintain an overall vision (and not sectoral) and therefore it is essential possess adequate and up-to-date knowledge in various sectors.

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