What is Fire Safety Engineering?

Fire Safety Engineering is the application of engineering principles based on the scientific evaluation of the phenomenon of combustion, the effects of fire and human behavior.
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What is fire resistance?

Fire resistance is the fire measure to ensure an adequate level of safety of a structure in fire conditions.
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What is fire prevention?

Fire prevention is the activity aimed at achieving the objectives of safety of human life, the safety of people and the protection of property and the environment through regulations, fire prevention measures, measures aimed at avoiding the onset of a fire.
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What are the benefits of a CFD fire simulation?

Through a CFD fire simulation it is possible to predict the temperature range and the diffusion of fumes and combustion gases resulting from a fire.
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The study of the exodus

The study of the emergency exodus from buildings aims to ensure that the occupants can reach a safe place before the fire causes incapacitating conditions for them.
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Smoke and heat evacuation

Through the advanced methods of Fire Safety Engineering and fire prevention engineering, it is possible to simulate the diffusion of smoke and gases produced by the fire with numerical software. In this way it is possible to study and optimize smoke and heat evacuation systems.
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Advantages of Fire Engineering in Oil & Gas

Plants in the Oil & Gas sector require particular attention with regard to passive protection and fire resistance. Fluid dynamic analysis of fire and numerical analysis of the exodus, can provide important tools in the management of emergencies in sites of this type.

What do we do

We specialize in advanced design and consulting services in Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Engineering (FSE)..

We deal with fire prevention and fire prevention engineering in the national and international fields, supporting both the final customer and design studios, large contractors and construction companies with a high-profile technical consultancy.

Our technical team is highly specialized in all branches of Fire Safety Engineering, such as: Fire resistance, fire simulations with CFD software, simulation of exodus with numerical software, study and analysis of smoke and heat evacuation, plant design and passive protection of structures.

Who we are

Eng. Diego Cecchinato carries out fire prevention consultancy throughout Italy and around the world in the Oil & Gas, Industrial and civil sectors. He deals with product development and national and international certifications.

Eng. Fabio Mio has worked in various sectors, focusing his experience in the industrial, hospitality and healthcare sectors, with significant experience in the waste management and energy sectors.

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