CFD fire fluid dynamics simulation

Through the use of advanced fluid dynamics software, it is possible to simulate the evolution of the fire, predict the spread of combustion products in the environment under study and predict the temperature range that the fire scenario will develop.

The results of the simulations are part of a performance approach devoted to "Performance Based" design and are typically used to study the strength of structures and / or verify the exodus from buildings. Advanced studies are also possible on both extinguishing systems (water, gas) and smoke evacuation systems.

More generally, within the limits of the calculation code, the effects of any active protection device can be studied.

Some problems that can be solved with the aid of fire simulation are briefly listed:

  • Validation and / or design of smoke and heat evacuation systems, out of scope UNI9494;
  • Validation of extinguishing systems;
  • Study of evacuation routes in activities where the escape distances defined in the prescriptive method are not respected;
  • Study of the fire resistance of structures, without the application of passive protection products.

Simulation Pool Fire Chemical Company

Advantage obtained: certification of structural resistance without further interventions.

Pallet fire simulation in the warehouse

Advantage obtained: certification of structural strength with passive protection of the joists only.

20 000 m² warehouse fire simulation

Advantage obtained: no automatic extinguishing system required, sufficient passive protection of structures.