Works supervision

The supervision of the works guarantees both the correct choice and installation of protective materials and systems, and the correct execution of the works and anything else connected with fire prevention. The figure of the director of firefighting works guarantees the possibility of carrying out all those checks necessary for the firefighting professional who signs up during the certification phase.

For this reason, the role played is that of fire-fighting operations director with the task of checking that the construction of the work carried out complies with the indications of each work concerning the fire prevention requirements and the final certification linked to fire resistance, reaction to fire, plant efficiency.

Among the various obligations related to the drafting of the SCIA (authorization deed that replaces the issue of the previous C.P.I.), there are numerous certifications that the fire-fighting professional, called to sign, must draw up with confidence.

In addition to checking the material certificates and the correct installation and installation, support is required for the preparation of bill of quantities and tender specifications. These activities allow to obtain the quantification of the interventions necessary to obtain the fire authorization title.